Professional Affiliation Course - Uttara Dhaka Bangladesh

Professional Affiliation Course - Uttara Dhaka Bangladesh
Professional Affiliation Course

Affiliation is one kind of popular money earning system. If you refer visitors from your website to any company's website and visitors buy some products from that company, then company will give you some commission for each product selling. There are may many companies who are selling their products or services through affiliates, as a result they can sell many products or services rapidly and beside as an affiliate anybody can earn some money by referring visitors to their sites. For running an affiliation business, you need to find out which company's products and services are good and commission also high. Then make an overall analysis about product, service, markets, competitors etc. Finally, make professional website and start marketing their products and services. When people buy any product or service from your site then you will get commission. From our course, you will learn everything step by step from beginning to advance level of affiliation business. If you complete this Affiliation course, you will have the job and business opportunities In Bangladesh.

Market Analysis: Your competitors, keywords, market demand, conversion rate and all things related market analysis.

Product Selection: How to search the good products to get high commission and easy to promote. It is the first and most important part to start an affiliate business. You will learn which product brings fast commission with less efforts.

Business Plan: How to set up your online business for selling your selecting products. How many products you want to sell per month and how much you will earn per month for selling that products.

Time Budget: How much time it should take to promote one product successfully and how to start fast selling of your product.

Investment Budget: How to set up your business with lowest budget and get highest selling from your business.

Manage Your Project: You will check all of your business system time to time and wait for selling your product.

Bonus With Affiliation Course
Bonus With Affiliation Course

Affiliation Course include:

  • Step by step market analysis to choos a right product
  • Keywords analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Affiliation website set up.
  • Website promotion and ranking plan.
  • Product selling goal set up.
  • Cost analysis and budget.
  • Complete on page SEO.
  • How to get 1000 visitors per day.
  • How to earn minimum $10 per day.
  • Course duration 2 months.
  • Class duration 2 hours.
  • 2 Classes per week.

Course Fee: TK.12,500/-