Professional Web Design Course - Uttara Dhaka Bangladesh

Professional Web Design Course - Uttara Dhaka Bangladesh
Professional Web Design Course

There is no doubt that to grow fast any business website is the first and best solution for any company. For this reason, website designing carrier is growing rapidly in our country. There is another reason to choose this online carrier and that is it helps to make someone independent and very flexible. To make your dream come true, we are offering you our website designing course. This course must help you to be a professional website designer.

HTML5: Concept of Internet and Web, HTML Syntax and Rules, The HTML Specification, Basic Document Structure, Standard Attributes, Adding Text, Linking Text and Documents, Creating Lists, Tables, Graphics, Frames, Forms.

CSS3: How to Style, Syntax, Two Special Concepts: Class & ID, Selecting an HTML Tag, The Box Model, Inline & Block Level Elements, The Position Property, Margin, Padding, Background. Styling Text, Text, Styling HTML Tags, Styling Links, Styling List, Various Display.

Basic Javascript: Java Script: Basic knowledge about javascrpt and jQuery to complete slide show and navigation menu tab.

Basic Graphics: Basic graphics design with photoshopCS6 related to web design.

Web Design Course Includes:

  • PSD Design With Photoshop CS6
  • PSD to HTML5 conversion
  • Complete HTML5 Language.
  • Complete CSS3 language.
  • HTML5, CSS3 W3C validation.
  • Basic Javascript language.
  • Basic PhotoshopCS6.
  • Complete on page SEO.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility.
  • Responsive Design for all devices.
  • Class duration 2 hours.
  • Course duration 2 months.
  • 2 class in a week.

Course Fee: TK.12500/-